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HIGHS (EP Review and Show Preview)

Toronto's HIGHS

Toronto-based HIGHS released their self-titled debut EP earlier this year. Combining the best qualities of indie and pop, HIGHS creates a sound of hopeful nostalgia. Utilizing exceptional harmonies, the EP vibrates with excitement. The combination of vocalists Karrie Douglas, Joel Harrower, and Doug Haynes is utterly intoxicating. Besides the vocals, the sparkling guitar rhythms throughout provide depth and are supported by solid drum and bass sections, most noticeably heard on song “Harvest.”

“Summer Dress” is another highlight, with its vivacious opening guitar riff blending smoothly into a strong male/female vocal melody that carries throughout the song. The optimistic and romantic repetition of “if we meet again/ I hope you wear that dress / that you wore back then” make it hard for listeners to not have a smile on their face.

The band’s first single “Nomads” showcases more harmonies, a spirited drum rhythm and a buoyant guitar riff. The video, showcasing Northern Ontario, is one that is a beautiful reminder of visits to camps in Northern Ontario during my youth:

It’s clear that HIGHS chose their name carefully as the rush one feels after listening to this debut is one I’m still coming down from. The energy evident on the EP is one that needs to be experienced live. Check them out on Friday October 11th with Fast Romantics and The Bynars at The Garrison.

-Micheal Vipond
Katuwapitiya.com Contributor

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