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Album Review: Peace Arrow

Peace Arrow

Peace Arrow’s ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ weaves together traditions from folk and indie music with experimental pop and natural sounds. The latest project from Hear Hums member Mitch Myers leaves listeners in a valley of tranquility. The soothing background throughout the album highlights Myers’ instrumental and vocal skills, allowing him to guide the listener through the gentle environment he has created.

The album begins with a psychedelic sound. Myers’ hushed vocals are intertwined with the scratching of strings, the ring of a kalimba, and the breezy sounds of nature. As the album flows, Myles’ voice becomes more prominent, as does his guitar prowess. What began as a whisper drifting amongst the musical scenery eventually emerges in the forefront. “Your Hands” is a good example of the subtle finger-picking that perfectly balances the experimental echo of the album, bringing it out of the forest and into a place of indie comfort.

The highlight of the album comes in the middle, where Myers’ blends his experimental sound with traditional folk music. This is first heard in “Doors,” featuring Myers’ and his acoustic guitar:

Myers’ string talents are further heard in “Turn Back,” which showcases the twang of his banjo:

As the capabilities of technology increase and experimental music continues to push boundaries, Peace Arrow is a perfect example of the innovation of experimental musicians. Myers’ skill in blending traditional qualities with original sounds creates something that can best be described as peaceful, elegant, and beyond the ordinary. The arrows in the album title reflect the same tone as the music : balance.

-Micheal Vipond
Katuwapitiya.com Contributor

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