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PROGRAM – Waiting

There’s something so refreshing about this song and it isn’t in the literal water imagery contained in the slick video. I can’t quite put my finger on it but Toronto’s PROGRAM (formerly known as Volcano Playground) have created a special melodic shoegaze sound on this single “Waiting” (re-recorded from a discarded LP with help of Broken Social Scene producer, Dave Newfeld). It sticks with you long after it’s through and has the makings of a summer anthem.

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Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse) with Broken Social Scene- The World At Large (live @ The Sound Academy)

Isaac Brock, lead singer of Modest Mouse, makes an extremely unexpected surprise appearance at Broken Social Scene’s last concert of 2008 (November 28th, Toronto, The Sound Academy). The last song he performed: The World At Large.

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