Concert Review: The Joy Formidable (May 4, 2010 @ Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto)

Best picture I could get of the whole band while being so close

The Joy Formidable

What can I say about The Joy Formidable that I haven’t already said? They’re my favourite band. The expansive sound that these three are able to achieve is honestly as good as it gets for me. On one hand, I cannot wait until this band gets bigger because they deserve every bit of fame bands like Metric and Florence + The Machine have. On the other hand, I know I’ll never have as good a night as I did on Tuesday. Seeing them in their raw element at a free show in the tiny Horseshoe Tavern (their first performance in Canada), being right in front of the stage, getting to talk to them after the show and having our freshly-pressed CDs autographed. My ears are still ringing. The set, which consisted mostly of songs from their killer EP “A Balloon Called Moaning”, had no down time whatsoever. It was perfection (even with broken drums and guitar straps). With the exposure that they’re bound to get, I know that such an intimate concert will probably never happen again. I’m just glad that it at least happened once.

Ritzy of The Joy Formidable The Joy Formidable
Ritzy of The Joy Formidable Ritzy of The Joy Formidable

Here are some high-definition videos that I took of “Ostrich” and “Anemone” (the second track blew me away as I hadn’t heard it before!):

Openers “The Dig” also impressed me a lot.

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  1. gregor says:

    Anenome is such a brilliant track watch out for the new Spectrum track awesome!

  2. […] Eiser, and Jamie Alegreever) ever since I saw them open for The Joy Formidable during TJF’s first Canadian performance in 2010. The Dig’s indie-pop sound was instantly relatable, they had an engaging stage presence and […]

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