Review of The Carnegie Hall Show @ Second City Toronto

The Stage at Second City Toronto

The Stage at Second City Toronto

During a recent trip to Chicago, I had an awesome time at the original Second City improv club. It was for that reason that I was excited to check out the Toronto iteration, for a monthly “Carnegie Hall” show presented by improv troupe “The National Theatre of The World“. Starring Matt Baram, Chris Gibbs, and Naomi Snieckus, the night revolved around quite a bit of audience-suggested improv, with a much looser feeling than a Chicago show. That worked both for and against as it felt like there was a bit lost in the barrage of suggestions (in Chicago, they’d call on specific audience members) but it created a fun, raucous atmosphere. Overall, the show was a hit, with many laughs throughout. There was a great dynamic between members of the troupe and they knew when to abandon a joke that wasn’t working. The “Carnegie Hall” show also features various musical and other interludes. This was where the show slightly wavered, as some of the talent (Miranda Tempest) was awe-inspiring while others were more of the musical theatre vein, something I’m not personally a fan of. With that said, I still think it’s a great experience on a Friday night. Just be sure to get there early (there was a pretty big line at 10:30 for the 11 pm show)!

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