#SXSW Recap: March 14th, 2012

Yesterday, I decided to orient myself to my surroundings and not try to do too much. It’s for that reason that I stuck to the much-talked-about Fader Fort and only went to one showcase afterwards. With that said, those two shows were more than enough though and provided quite a breadth of music.

Highlights of Fader Fort for me started with the band White Arrows who actually reminded me a lot of one of the bands playing afterwards, Oberhofer. Really good energy and they were able to win over the crowd despite the early set time (which was still a bit before all the free booze kicked in). Other highlights were aforementioned Oberhofer, Santigold, and Danny Brown. Oberhofer performs with such an infectious enthusiasm and the crowd seemed to enjoy it despite many of them being split between fans of hood-rap 2 Chainz and fans waiting for Santigold. Santigold performed a perfect mix of old tracks and tracks from her upcoming LP. Armed with the craziest backup dancers that I’ve ever seen and powerful charisma, she simply killed it. I wasn’t entirely won over by “Big Mouth” when I first heard it but it’s getting better with every listen. “Disparate Youth” is a potential classic. After being blown away by Santigold, I wondered how Danny Brown could top it, but he did. Coming out with a fierce, vulgar, no-holds-barred kind of flow, he rocked Fader Fort. He performed many tracks off of his great album XXX and would often cut out the instrumentals out to perform acapella. Just a grimey attitude. Love it.

Afterwards, I headed over to Easy Tiger Patio, where I was able to check out the Scotland Showcase. The only band that I had really knew going in was Three Blind Wolves (see my interview with them here), who kicked a lot of ass as expected, but French Wives and Tango In The Attic put on great performances as well. TITA actually reminded me a lot of a young Arctic Monkeys, high energy Brit/Scotrock.

Overall, incredible day. My second day begins in a few hours. See my photos here.

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