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It’s no surprise that used to be known as “The Nate Daniels Band” as it’s Nate’s voice that catches your attention on first listen. With that said, the layered indie instrumentals of his bandmates are suitably captivating and it doesn’t take very long into their Young Love EP to realize that you’re listening to something special. It is for that reason that I was eager to learn more and was luckily granted that opportunity by guitarist Dante Berardi Jr.

For readers who aren’t aware, who are CAI.RO? is the Brainchild of former solo artist “Nate Daniels” who is the primary songwriter for the group. He is joined by fellow artists, Matt Sullivan(drums/percussion), Caitlin Grieve(violins/backing vocals), Dante Berardi.Jr(guitars/backing vocals) and Wooyoung Kim (bass). Everyone is on the same level and works in a symbiotic relationship to create the sound that is “”.

What’s the story behind your band name?

We used to go by Nate Daniels Band but felt that it didn’t represent the band as a whole so we decided to change the name to reflect what the band was as a whole. Cai.or means “to conquer” and many of the subjects we tackle are things we face and conquer in our own lives whether it be personal, political, spiritual, or sexual.

How would you describe your sound?

Like sunshine in the middle of a Arctic white out snow storm.

Lead singer Nate Daniels used craigslist to recruit members for the band. How do you feel like the internet has changed how bands are formed? What about how music is released?

The internet has become a recruiting tool for a lot of bands. Although some might think it impersonal, living in a city can be very isolating and finding members you click with is like finding a needle in a haystack. You can post an ad for your dream band mate, give them examples, post videos and have they learn your music before you even meet which allows you to focus on the actual chemistry (almost like a date) and move through the process a lot quicker. Now that we have established players in our band, we are like a family. Nate even lives with Caitlin.

Since the band comes from different walks of life, what is your working process towards writing songs as a unit?

The songs we have finished to this point are all the versions of songs our singer Nate wrote as solo acoustic pieces. We take his already incredible songs, and as a group rearrange, expand, build, and do all the song writing things bands do to make them sound HUMUNGOUS. This system works so smoothly it’s almost scary. In recent months we have been playing with ideas and songs that are written completely as a group, as well as the system that has worked so far. The chemistry has been off the charts so however we decide to write we always seem to end up finding at least parts that we save, or full songs.

Who would you say your main influences are?

Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Arcade Fire, Ray Lamontagne, Patrick Watson, Foals, Bon Iver, Thrice.

How do you feel about the music scene here in Toronto?

There is a lot of untapped talent in this city, and unfortunately, because it is a flagship center for a lot of industry, Toronto tends to be a lot more conservative than what a musician would hope for. Funding for the arts is limited and since the buy out of MuchMusic and CTV by Bell Media, music has been reduced to a few select genres aimed at pleasing a younger audience, and some of Toronto’s greatest music venues are being turned into big box furniture stores. Musicians like us look forward to touring because we crave the community of our fellow musicians and venues and cities that welcome artists and make a place for them.

Freestyling is an important form of expression in hip hop. If you had to freestyle four lines about your recent EP, what would you say?

If you’re looking for Young Love
You’re in the right place
Our singer is so sexy
He looks like Vinnie Chase (but sexier).

FROM THE SHOW ENTOURAGE!!!, Biiiitttcccchh
FROM THE SHOW ENTOURAGE!!!, Biiiiittttccchhh

(I admire the enthusiasm!)

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