Song from the Bell HTC Sensation Commercial

Bell has a knack for choosing catchy tracks for commercials and this one, for the HTC Sensation 4G, is no different:

I’ve been trying to find the song by googling “I will follow you wherever you go” or “my heart beats for you like the rhythm of the oldies on the radio” or “if you fly through the sky, if you dive into the oceans below” but nothing seemed to work. Eventually, a youtube comment pointed out that the song is called “Wherever You Go” by Montreal indie band Erik Lind & The Orchard (written by Erik Lind and Mikael Tobias). Listen below:

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3 thoughts on “Song from the Bell HTC Sensation Commercial

  1. bobgodfree says:

    A great rip-off of Lisztomania by Phoenix.

  2. Robocop says:

    is this avaliable on itunes! where can i find the cd or anything else by this artist?

  3. G$ says:

    Martin Solveig is the artist

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