The response to Arcade Fire’s “Album of the Year” Grammy victory

When monumental decisions are made, it is often the general public that offers the best insight. After Arcade Fire won Album of the Year at the Grammy’s, I went to the Grammy Facebook page (a beacon of human discourse) to gauge the reaction. What I found was profound debate and thoughtful lamentations on the state of modern music. I chose some of the best to share. Dissidents basically fall into two camps, those who respectfully disagree with Arcade Fire making the Album of the Year and those who are certain that there has been some foul play.

Those who respectfully disagree:

Eminem should win more than 2 awards especially ”Album Of The Year” Arcade Fire?? Who are them???

Dis year Grammy is some how cos most of the awards went to wrong people

who decides the winner? are the judges 10 years old kids? 53rd grammys sucked tbh

Recovery dezrved the grammy if not then need u now did this is disapointing :(

Ok seriously?!? The Grammy people suck!! People got Grammys that didn’t deserve them!! Arcade fire?! Are you f**cking kidding me?!? Who runs this crap? They need to be fired! Worst show ever!! Trying to be like the MTV VMAS,lmao!! Get a real ear into the music n not this crap that only a few peeps have heard of! 2 thumbs down!!

f*uking grammy award … disasterous .undeserving people won the award.. Its sucks at last f*ucks

Two words, U SUCK. Get a freakin grip and pick the deserving artists. The artists who everyone loves, and sings along to all year. Don’t pick some alternative rock, kings of leon wannabes (Arcade Fire)that noooo one has ever heard of. Its lame and u clearly have no clue what good music is. Pssh get a freakin grip.

Best album -Arcade Fire!!!!! Lady gaga has 2000000000 times more talent than them! Heavy metal or what!

Eminem should win it why some band never heard of won it

The band that won “album of the year”? Yeah umm who the heck are they? never heard of them…never heard their music on the radio…wow that was a huge let down.

Well, I forgot it was on, and I never watch award shows; what surprised me was Eminem and I think his album should have been best of the year. That winning band leader lived in Montreal for some time and couldn’t even give it a French pronunciation, which is very easy–monrayall, in Kaybek, and I only speak and write un peu Francais. I thought they were mediocre.

Eminem does deserve the award! Wu else?

No one knew who the F Arcade Fire was before tonight! Wish that were still true for me!!!

As much as it makes my nuts shrink to say it, Id rather listen to Barbara Streisan than Arcade Fire who?!!!


Even with the ALBUM OF THE YEAR Award, I’ve never HEARD of the group that won that Grammy either. I think maybe the voting needs to be left to the PUBLIC (you know the people that actually listen to the music) ~ Come on now they supposedly beat out Eminem!

I am in shock that Arcade Fire won!!!! Nobody has even heard of them!!!!

Really, who are Arcade Fire? This will go down in history as one of your worst… Who is voting? You wonder why we hate the music industry…

Answer me this someone, Eminem has 28 million fans on facebook, Lady Gaga has 28 million fans, 21 million people like Justin Bieber. Arcade Fire has 600,000. It makes no sense that Arcade Fire won. How is someone that isnt even know of going to win best album?

I’m sorry but this years Grammys was kind of retarded and messed up. Nobody knows who arcade fire is! And they can’t really sing. And I haven’t ever heard of that girl who won female artist of the year! I cant even pronounce her name!!!!!!

IM SO PISSED! Who the F are that bnd! I didnt evn knw they EXIST! I hate you! :@ EMINEM SHOULD WON!

Maybe somebody knows something about Arcade Fire, that I don’t. They sucked. I would’nt play that crap in the mall, gym. And definately not on my IPOD.

R U FCKN KIDDING ME ????!!!!?!!! LMFAO !!! “The Suburbs” ( WHO!!??? ) beat out LADY GAGA and KATY PERRY and EMINEM for Album of the Year …. LMFAO!!!! * The GRAMMY’s are a FCKN’ JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Eminem and Katy Perry should collaborate on a song titled “Disgrace to the Human Race” and dedicate it to Arcade Fire who sounded like a middle school band that had a temper tantrum, really is this what popular music has come to…….? are they from Montreal?? is this America???

What a disgusting display of a winning album of the year. What the hell was that? No one has ever heard of them. They were terrible! It has to be a mistake because that was a scam. Worst Grammy’s EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never watching the grammys again.. WORST one yet! Arcade fire had the worst performance in history and did not deserve album of the year!! So rigged what a joke

you people are idiots… how are you gonna vote arcade fire best album!?!?! They are no where near the caliber of Lady A, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga, and most of all Eminem!!! Seriously how many #1 singles have they had compared to any of the other 4 nominated!!!! YALL ARE IDIOTS!!!! Never watching ever again!!!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? ALBUM OF THE YEAR…. Who has every heard of this band?!?!?!?!!?

That was watered-down punk!! That sucked!

All Grammys suck, but this one is by far the worst!!! Arcade Fire=ghey!!!!

Eminem deserved album of the year, arcade who? who the hell are the suburbs or whoever really wow bunch of nobodys in my music libary..

If you have to Google a band to figure out who they are they shouldn’t have won the biggest award of the night! Anyone but that lame group should have one and it would have been ok…… GRAMMYS are the SCAMMIES!

worst grammy show ever! How can you give album of the year to some ridiculous band nobody cares about. Who votes for these winners? Obviousily people that don’t listen to the radio and what people want to hear. What a joke!

BOO!!! this is crap, who the hell is this band we have never heard of! GAGA OR EMINEM!!! you guys need to get current!

Whatever happened to talent? The best album award goes to a band that is mediocre and makes noise instead of music.What’s wrong with the world?

I hate the grammys of this year awful arcade fire what a hell were you thinking??? I reallu wanna know

omg!!….r u serious??…….eminem rocked the charts this year, and you gave it to arcade fire????……OMG I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!! EMINEM SHOULD HAVE ONE THIS!!!!

q’ pedooo con los que gaaanaron el disco del añoo FRAUDE eraaaa LADY GAGAA? (I assume this is about Arcade Fire but I can’t be sure)

Sooo… SoundScan sales of the Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’: 486,000. Every other album of the year contender- more than 1 mil. – round of applause to them or Terrible Academy this year?

After that circus act?? I wouldn’t have hired them to play a kindergarten graduation after that.

I know my music an I’ve never heard of them ! Horrible !

Who is that? What album sold the most last couple years? Pretty sure it wuz eminem with recovery

Never heard of this WEIRD band before!!! SUCK! it’s undeserved I AM GONNA HATE THEM

who n what! Nebver even heard of thembefore so how can they win album of the year! YALL SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Got it wrong!

What the balls? ! How did those folks from the hillbillies from the osarks win!? Not Gaga?!


DISLIKE*Infinity….. I am sure the jury has gone mad probably they had lottsa alcohol and picked up some random people for Grammys.. I hate this Grammys… Eminem or atleast Katy Perry…. complete bummer… :-(

O you mean to tell me that a MOSH PIT, any-race-hatin-other-then-their-own type of band Beat out ANYBODY ELSE in that category????????? WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m actually not sure what this one means but I think it fits?)

All of these unknown artists need to get there own award show… How can arcade of whatever… Win over eminem… Marshall Bruce Mathers III… The one the media loves to hate.. The one who always comes back with something mind blowing… And a Grammy award winning rapper… There aren’t a lot of rappers in the industry that are award winning like eminem… I’m just saying… Arcade whatever….. REALLY?! I mean REALLY!!?!?!?!

You people at the music industry are unreal!!! you should let the public vote, you gave grammys to people who are so untalented, a disgrace to the music industry, and people we have never even heard of, what a joke!!!! Eminen deserved his, but some of the others did not.


Arcade Fire is Crap!!!! GaGa was robbed. Nobody will know who the hell Arcade Fire is next year. That award was just pissed away. Thanks Grammys!

Worse grammy show worse album of the year, worse halftime show at the super bowl, whats my point music in this age sucks! Few good artists out there and Arcade fire who SUCK! and Fergie isn’t lookint that hot either. Eh Arcade Fire you suck!

WTF…..OMG seriously…..Who is Arcade Fire anyway? I listen to Eminem’s RECOVERY every freakin day….. that in my book is album of the freaking year, when you can listen to a freakin CD everyday and not get sick of it……Im totally disappointed.

ALL 4 albums of the last nominated list are out on worldwide radios…where the hell do they have AF…in Canada…?
and that’s reason to win what…? surely not the award the got !


Very disappointed in this – i don’t know anyone who knows about them – something is rigged!

Fans who are suspicious of possible colluding, corruption and bribery:


The Grammys are rigged. Just because some who thinks they know what’s good gets to vote doesn’t mean it’s good. At the end of the day music is a peoples game and not a persons game.

wth? Album of the yr went to who?Arcade Fire? Who r they really?Grammy’s sucked this yr!and who did Arcade Fire sleep with to get the award?

Esperanza Spalding N Arcade Fire??….well, these a surprising winners….never heard of them. Did someone hacked the database of the Grammy’s?


Grammy’s are so rigged…A crying shame that whomever decides the winners, do not know anything about music.

Rigged… Worst show in years… We dont care about the ones we dont know.. We want to see the best in the ones we do know. This is not the place to promote up and coming artists, but a place to recognize the artist that are pushing the envelop and making their mark on music. Not a place to give some unrecognized group/person a little publicity to boost their sales… Who determines what “Best” is. I listen to all genres and I can honestly say… That was not the best anything I have ever heard. Any one of the others could have won. Just not some no name unheard of band that basically sucked on their performance tonight. I have no interest in listening to their music based on those performances much less go out and purchase some random music made by them. Just saying.


Arcade Fire winning that last award against such talented other performers goes to show everyone what a good check, $$$$$ on the table will do for your career at “The Grammys”….start saving all you newcomers…next year could be your chance ! lololololol

…Later on, these folks listened to Sigur Rós and their heads exploded.

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33 thoughts on “The response to Arcade Fire’s “Album of the Year” Grammy victory

  1. Ben says:

    I love your comment about Sigur Ros… lol
    I think the problem is that the people who actually sit down and watch the Grammys are not the people who are actually fans of Arcade Fire. I don’t think those worlds meet too often. Does this mean the Grammys completely irrelevant to the amazing music that is being made outside of the mainstream? Um Yes.

  2. KIRANRAJ says:

    This was the worst grammy show Ever!!!is it Grammy or Gay-mmys??? WTF is Arcade ass on Fire??

    The Biggest MC of all time is left without the Album of the Year trophy 3rd time!! He lost to some Canadian Gay Group Arcade Fire (who i neva heard of)… He didn’t win that coz his album was lyrically best one this year!! in fact he lost coz he recorded the highest number of sales (no other gay musician had no balls to beat him!!)The Grammy management was tired of pussys so they went for gayz this time (Ex. Gay-Z, Arcade Gay Fire)…Fuck it!! tHIS DOEsn’t make ny difference neither to EM nor to his Fans!!In fact The Award lost an opportunity to be privileged to honor the illest MC!!or RAP is too class of a genre for the Grammy Management to Understand!!

  3. Mike says:

    Love that everyone is hating on Arcade Fire. Idiotic comments like, “the Academy screwed this up.” (What Academy?) and Arcade Fire will be gone next year, when theyve already been around for years, just make me laugh. Its not a pop music radio contest. Its a talent/songwriting contest. Watch the peoples choice awards if you want Gaga or Bieber. Theyre a joke and will be gone in a year or two. Gagas new song is a complete ripoff of Madonna. Shows the musical prowess of this country.

  4. KIRANRAJ says:

    WTF… I mean who the fuck r they??.. Grammy people… U’ll suck.. U heard me.. U shit eaters…

  5. Marvin says:

    I feel dirty when I read the ignorant comments of the unwashed masses. Seriously our world is filled with morons and it makes me fucking sad.

  6. kris says:

    Arcade fire is one of the best Indie rock groups. There album is excellent and very well deserved the Grammy they received. For everyone that are trash talking them those are the people who listen to those crappy pop stations who wouldn’t know any kind of good band. Maybe instead of bashing them take a listen to some of their albums!!! ARCADE FIRE ROCKS!!

  7. About time... says:

    One of the most profound things happened last night…a single award show has exposed the dire state of not only the music industry, but the people who consume it like food (and rarely pay for it these days). Yes, I can agree that globally people are probably more aware of acts such as Eminem, but does popularity make the act one of quality – in a word…No
    AF have been around a long time and toured extensively, if you happen to have seen a live show over the past years you would have appreciated the talent that goes into making real music – and the perseverance to stand out in a very talented indie pool. Af – who are they???? Hmmmmm the artist most used in NFL commercials for one while donating all royalties to various charities to boot. I’m not defending AF, I’m defending real music with real talent. Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry etc are all manufactured hacks with extremely little talent – for them – and more importantly their labels, it’s about revenue through entertainment and not sustainable through talent.
    I remember seeing Kings of Leon for $10 and thinking, they have talent among other things and will go places…need I say more?! That was 8 years ago.
    It’s one thing to not enjoy a particular artist, that’s understandable. However, a more suitable approach to expressing your dislike would be “…I’m not a fan myself, but I’m sure they have a lot of fans who enjoy their sound” or “…I haven’t heard much of their stuff I’ll have to check it out”. Thats not the case these days though. As soon as someone YOU wanted to win doesn’t the hate fest is on.
    The underlying reality is this…the people that enjoy artists, such as Lady GaGa, (I cringed at referring to her as an artist) are generally the same people who just follow the crowd and are only exposed to music that gets played on the top 40 etc. rarely venturing to discover new talents. When is the last time some Katy Perry fan decided to go to a bar or jazz club, or surf the net to get tickets to a show or see a band maybe they haven’t heard before just to appreciate the music?
    I enjoy some AF songs, but my hats off to them for a different reason. Bands play for the love of music, while some don’t become mega stars they continue to play their whole lives. This is hardly the case in the manufactured music world of pop, rap/hip-hop, but to each their own. For all the posters who spit their hate on for AF and other similar artists you have exemplified your lack of ability to express an opinion with substance.

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  9. Mat says:

    I love how some people are saying “Lady Gaga has 20 000 000 fans on facebook. Arcade Fire has only 600 000!”

    I fail to see how any of this is a popularity contest. The fact is, most people are hooked on Eminmen, Lady Gaga etc… because of the cultivation theory. You’re basically exposed to one thing and nothing else, therefore, people will naturally lack appreciation for anything that they aren’t used to seeing or hearing. The fact is, the composition and originality of The Arcade Fire won them the award. Just because an artist is popular doesn’t mean their music is original or inspirational. When it comes down to it, the better album did win. Whoever judged the Grammy’s were clearly looking for soul, musicianship, and good writing. That’s what it’s all about people.

  10. Akolade says:

    This is the best thing ever.

  11. MSirs says:

    OK, good for them. But as countless posts, tweets, blogs, and face to face conversations all over say; Who are they? How did a virtually unknown band win the top award over some well know, well respected, and very talented mainstream performers?

    Most of the indie rock people when posed these questions retort with some statement that Eminem, and Lady Gaga don’t write their own music, are fake, copy others, etc, so therefore don’t deserve this major award. Do a little research please. They in large part write their own music and lyrics.

    Then theres the “Oh, but they’re only performers, not a band.” So that for some reason means they are less qualified to be awarded, because they’re a single talented person rather than a group of talented people? “Lets hate them because they’re mainstream, and mainstream is mindless!” Yes, mainstream can be a little mindless, but when it comes to the above mentioned artists, I believe they put a little more thought and emotion into their work than just your average “I make music to make money” artists.

    Then you come to the people who say the grammys aren’t about popularity, but rather about talent, composition, and execution.
    OK, lets take that mindset and run with it. Lets be fair at the grammys and include everybody who is proficient in any form of music at the grammys. Lets get a tribe of Didjeridu players from Australia, along with a guy named Joe from Tennessee who picks a mean banjo in his garage while his wife listens. Maybe we can find a band who exclusively plays Kazoos and the Tambourines while yodeling. It doesn’t matter if the general public has ever heard of them, let alone their music is never played on most if any radio stations. Just as long as they’re good at what they do, thats all that matters.

    Now take the Didjeridu tribe, Joe the banjo player, and the yodeling Kazoo players, and put them in the running along with Arcade Fire for the 2012 Album of the year nominee’s. If Joe the banjo player wins the 2012 album of the year, the Arcade Fire fans won’t at all feel slighted just because Joe the banjo player plays to an audience of one, and mainstream radio has never heard of him, right?

  12. CY says:

    While I wanted my 3 hours back after watching the Grammys, it was all worth it for the last 20 minutes when AF performed, won, and performed again.

    Dare I say it was the best Grammys ever, not just because I love AF, but because it was NOT PREDICTABLE like it is every year. Esperanza Spalding, Lady Antebellum, and AF being the big winners and beating out Gaga, Beiber, etc. I LOVED the shock factor. :)

  13. Beemer says:

    No one has even mentioned the fact yet that Arcade Fire couldn’t even win IN THEIR OWN GENRE category. They lost to the Black Keys….TWICE! If they had such a great album — good enough to win album of the year — shouldn’t it at least also be the best alternative album? That’s the part that really confuses me.

    I mean heck, I love all types of music, some mainstream and some underground/unheard stuff. So I got respect for any band if they get props at the grammys. But if the preceding 3 hours of the show taught me anything, it was that The Blake Keys are a better alternative band than Arcade Fire. Why couldn’t THEY be nominated for album of the year?

  14. Bryce_Almighty says:

    The Arcade Fire has been around for so stinkin’ long making great music. Just because a band doesn’t get played on the radio all that much doesn’t mean they don’t deserve album of the year. This category is for album of the year, not most radio plays of the year. I have since given up on mainstream radio because it all sounds the same (like every Kate Perry song) and has never been enduring (Backstreet Boys anyone?). Those who keep pushing music forward with new ideas and creativity won’t get played on the radio all that much because they’re different, but will do more good for music in general than Bieber Fever.

    And Eminem/Gaga people don’t like this because The Arcade Fire use guitars and drums, not computerized noise.

  15. Greg says:

    Let me clear up some misconceptions:
    The Album of the Year is not:
    – a popularity contest
    – a radio contest / Top 40 Contest
    – a facebook contest
    – your own personal contest in your living room

    The Album of the Year is the best (i.e. quality) album. This is not to say Eminem or other artists did not create a good album. Like any award though, the people who voted on it decided that the AF fire album was better than that of Eminem.
    Secondly, you (yes YOU!) cannot judge the fact that AF do not deserve the Album of the Year since you have not heard their album. Who are you to say that because Eminem is on your iTunes and AF is not that he created a better album? I am not a fan of either artist, but you can’t judge two albums if you have not heard both albums. Let me repeat that: YOU CANNOT JUDGE TWO ALBUMS IF YOU HAVE NOT HEARD BOTH ALBUMS.
    Now think about that for a second.
    Many of the complaints are that they haven’t heard AF on the radio. I don’t hear Eminem on the radio, but that’s because I don’t listen to albums that play Eminem. People are so fucking ignorant.

    Furthermore, you have to put aside your own prejudices before judging which album is better quality of MUSIC. This means if you like rap and not rock, that Eminem automatically deserves to win due to the fact that you like rap.

    Let me just say again, people are so fucking ignorant.

  16. Travis says:

    Msirs: Are you seriously trying to make the argument that Arcade Fire are virtually unknown? You do realize they sell out arena’s let alone back to back sellouts at Madison Square Garden in the spring. You also realize it’s amazing they’ve gotten where they are as an indie band as acts like Eminem have big corporations backing them and paying radio stations to play their music and advertise for them. Arcade Fire, just like Modest Mouse, and acts like them are amazing bands and will likely never have mainstream success, but this makes them no less talented. It just means they aren’t giving in to what modern radio radio expects them to sound like. If you want a music award show based on what the mainstream viewer thinks or popular choice then I’m afraid your part of the problem in the USA.

  17. Steeven says:

    geeez.. US people ;) doesnt know what is good music !!! are they serious with EMINEM and GAGA-donna … stupid kids ! They dont get that is just POP MUSIC for DUMB PEOPLE !! Arcade Fire deserve it !!!!

  18. jarod says:

    Funny arguements posted from that Facebook group. not to take anything away from the other nominees for album of the year, but Arcade Fire are definitly deserving of this award. I’ll admit it wasn’t their greatest live performance (i’ve seen them live twice). But take a listen to their winnning “ALBUM of the year”, the Suburbs, before coming to conclusion of the “grammy’s being f*ckin’rigged”. So many people are arguing it should be Eminem who won, clearly a committee begged to differ. I’ve listened to the Recovery album in full as well, Eminem is definitly a talented artist. just don’t understand why so much of the album clearly refers to his ex-wife and their marriage, pretty aggresivlely. can something really be THAT terrible? i just don’t get that. He has all the talent as both a performer and writer to create an “album of the year” – lyrics are a HUGE part of an album, and that probably factored on the decision. Five artists are nominated for the award, and a committe voted Arcade Fire most worthy of the award. Simple as that.

  19. green says:

    oh shut the fuck up jarod you fagott!!arcade fire are the most pathetic band on earth,how the fuck can they win where all the worlds population has to fucking google them to see who they are?
    and if there album was so fucking good u dick why did it lose out in its OWN GENRE to the black keys twice?
    eminems recovery not only sold 4 million copies but it also had the 2 biggest hits of last year u knob with not afraid and love the way you lie backed up by a brilliant video!!recovery was number 1 in the us for 9 weeks,arcade fire 1.arcade fires album was in the billboard top 20 for 4 weeks,recovery was for 28 weeks!!!those 2 hits from eminem were number 1 in 25 countries around the world,arcade fire were number 1 in only 3 countries!!!millions were singing eminems songs all year long,a few hundred were only singing arcade fires!!
    eminem had been snubbed twice before when he easily should have won,arcade fires win was like back in 2001 when eminem lost out so some unknown gimp called steely dan!!!!!!
    everyone expected eminem to win for the above factors and that he had been snubbed so pathetically in the past and he deserved his due!!
    if he had lost to lady gaga or katy then that would have been fine,but to lose to some pathetically shit band who are so crap live as last nights performance proved was a disgrace!!halfway through people got up and left!!when eminem performed with dre,rhianna and skyar grey everyone stood up and claped!!!!!
    and dont talk shit about lyrics win awards,eminem is the most gifted lyrical rap artist ever!!and he raps about everyday problems arcade fire sing utter bollocks that makes no sense!!
    eminems performace will remind the grammys next year what they will be missing as he will snub them and people will have tp put up with utter embarassing shit like arcade fire!!!

  20. Randy g says:

    What is most important here, is the clear divide between those absoluely ecstatic about Arcade Fire’s win – and those completely appauled by the fact that a band won that they’ve never heard of.

    I’d like to put it out there that :

    one) you might be angry that you’re missing the boat in terms of shutting yourself off to some of the great artists that out there today, and maybe venturing out to expose yourself to something a little bit different could actuslly broaden your “vast plethora” of musical knowledge.

    And, two) – this might just be your opportunity to do just that – and all of this could well be used as a positive vehicle for such.

    For example, I’ll put something out there you might also have not heard of called the Polaris prize. I’m annually dumbfounded by the majority of the bands, performers, artists , mcs what have you up for that award. And when my Dave isn’t picked – I’m not mad at all. I’m actually EXCITED about all the new artists I have to check out.

    Because I actually ENJOY being exposed to new music. It helps me to grow – as a person – and as a fan of music constantly searching for that one album that perfectly molds itself to a particular frame of mind I have on any particular day. I mean – that search in particular may be exactly what I love about music.

    So all I can say is that it may be beneficial for those angry about arcade fire being rewarded for being amazing songwriters who actually perform as a band and actually have put in hard time on the road in yes – Canada but also the States and all over the world, and have had massive support from artists like U2 and David Bowie (surely you’ve heard of them) but maybe – just maybe you can take this as an opportunity to open ip and change.

    Yes- I understand that change is painful, uncomfortable and frustrating – and many won’t want to give up the addiction of fast food music. And from what I’ve read In some of the comments on here – many people are frustrated.

    And that’s what makes what happened last night so amazing. For those hopeful and optimistic about the future of music – there was a glimmer of hope that change is on the way.

  21. Alan says:

    But, for those of us who have heard of Arcade Fire, we are all very happy to see this band getting the recognition it deserves. they dont try to be famous or any bulll like that. they do it to make good music, and i think thats what its all about.

  22. jarod says:


    again listen to their album before you make such stupid comments. Arcade Fire are HUGE in Europe, they headline massive festivals and sell out areans all over North America, such as back to back nights at Madison Square Garden. Just because your tiny little brain hasn’t been exposed to music, doesnt mean the rest of the world is the same. because a few people, who clearly are bias towards the little bit of music they listen to, have to google a band, doesnt mean the rest of the world is the same. i dont really get how my comment makes me a “fagott” (good spelling by the way). Just because Eminem sold alot of records, doesnt mean his album is the best quality, nor does it mean it’s good. And yes he does rap way to much about his ex-wife and stupid shit that no one really cares about. your arguement of Arcade Fire “sing utter bollocks” again is backed with no evidence. have you actually listened to Arcade Fire’s album, lyrics and all? NO! i’ve listened to both, and still stick with my arguement. as do SO many others. Eminem raps about his relationship and wife WAY to much. one or two songs is understandable, but the album is packed with references to that. Yes i’ve listened to it through, many times. people dont care about his problems that much. i know i dont.

  23. About time... says:

    @Jarod, Alan, Randy and so many others…our insights and outlooks will never be shared with individuals similar to Green. They dont do the artists they enjoy any credit by lashing out on people via message boards. Fact is, if you had to google AF – you need to broaden your horizons or say thank you to someone for the exposure regardless what your opinion is in the end. I do my best to refrain from Pre-judging people in any way, but I can admit that typically when I find myself talking to or taking notice of the masses that consume the new pop and rap culture they lack anything with substance.
    This music won’t go away nor will its followers, we can only hope that it’s messages and quality start to bear something with a soul/meaningful without the monetary agenda being the driving force to it’s success.
    It’s funny, the people that love hip hop/rap and pop rarely know anything of music history – if they did, they would understand the roots all come from bands. It’s also a little humorous if you think “was Em mad AF won?” doubtful – he probably knows who they are and may even like them and vice versa between all musicians.
    Unfortunately, as things go, we’ll have to put up with Mr.Green and the hoards of other uneducated individuals who share this planet with us.

  24. mac.E says:

    I like Arcade Fire and Gorillaz . I prefer thier types of music,

  25. Travis says:

    I probably know of more “sub genres” than most of the people attacking Arcade Fire (for the most common reasons seen here) know artists. Seriously, when was the last time anybody, who is defending their Eminem or Katy Perry and putting down Arcade Fire because of lack of popularity, listened to, say, Don Caballero? Or Sigur Ros? More popularity does not equal more talent, something the vast majority of those commenting here do not understand. There is obviously so much music so many people don’t know about, and that is a shame, especially today, when access to (free) music is easier than ever. Don’t necessarily follow the top 40; go listen to some indie rock, some metal, some jazz, anything other than the dumbed down stuff these major music corporations are feeding you.

  26. darlean says:

    I watched this band on SNL tonight, and was not impressed in the least. Our music collection is pretty vast — everything from Beethoven to the Sex Pistols — and this group came across as a non-memorable group. The female singer has an average voice at best, and their music is not original.

    When I think that Neil Young and Eminem were up for Grammys and they were passed over by this average group I get kind of sick. Then I read some of the comments on this thread and I get even sicker. Here we have some pseudo-intellectuals telling the rest of us that Arcade Fire is a hidden talent, pop music, blah blah blah. Personally, I think Arcade Fire is top forty-ish because the group is playing what has been played before. I bet half of the defenders have square eyeglasses, enjoy drinking their hip chai tea, and think they are “different” and “educated”.

    Yawn. Grow up. Arcade Fire has been done before.

  27. Joe says:

    darlean: Alright. You feel some pseudo-intellectuals are telling people that Arcade Fire is a “hidden talent.” You obviously don’t want to hear it, being so devastated that music you might not care for won some award over someone YOU feel is more deserving. Others may agree with you. But the funny thing is, some people have opinions that differ from your own. And they back their opinions up. Read some reviews on Arcade Fire’s album and Eminem’s if you have not already. One can pretty easily justify their opinion on why either one should win Album of the Year. From your comment, I don’t see you backing up your opinion that Arcade Fire have been done before. Who does Arcade Fire imitate? And how? Stop telling people to grow up when you feel it is necessary to make assumptions and stereotypes while stating your opinions as facts without backing them up. Others in this comment board are as guilty as you are to doing this, on both sides of the argument. It just made me kind of sick that you, with your vast music collection and knowledge, did not know any better.

  28. FG says:

    The Black Keys and Mumford and Sons had better albums than Arcade Fire. However, I believe them to be a close third and would rather see them win Album of the Year than Lady GAGA who rips off Madonna or Emenem who is a talented guy, talks about the same 4 subject in every one of his songs.

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  30. Murph says:

    These replies just follow the Bell Curve – bottom and up the left side of the curve like AF. Top of the curve to the right and down don’t know who AF are, don’t know anything about music and, sadly, don’t know what the Bell curve is.

  31. Alex says:

    Not going to provide a lengthy reply (considering that this event occurred last year), but I suppose I can make a few brief statements, and in the process, shit on the highly illogical statements that were made here.

    1. “Joe the Banjo [Picker]” could not possibly be made a nominee, as it would be impossible to find him and/or hear his music without assembling some sort of Grammy search committee to make field recordings in every incorporated (or perhaps even unincorporated) city/town in the world. Arcade Fire, while not often played on mainstream radio, are quite well-known and have even appeared on the cover of Time Magazine (and they did so six years before winning a Grammy, when their preeminent effort Funeral, which would’ve more so deserved a Grammy than the Suburbs was released) Citation here:
    Considering that Arcade Fire had been hailed as Canada’s most intriguing rock band by a major and well-respected publication six years prior, it’s safe to say that they’re well-known enough to receive an award
    2. Eminem’s most recent albums almost certainly lack the characteristic edge of his earlier efforts, and are essentially compilations of softened bullshit music.
    3. One mediocre live performance does not a bad band make. Do me a favor and head to Youtube, search for Arcade Fire Live, and be amazed.
    4. Granting a Best Album award to Arcade Fire was the first commendable act committed by the Grammy committee in years.

    I say this because I find the Grammys to be generally disappointing, and I’m sure that almost all of you twats will be complaining over the Bon Iver win this year too.

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  33. Diana says:

    Don’t want to be mean, but a lot of the people hating on arcade Fire need to learn how to spell. Not everyone, just a lot.

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